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I've been sitting on this for three days and I still haven't figured out a good way to solve this problem—that's why i want to ask a community about it.

I'm creating a page, which will have some historical routes in my city. I therefor need to create a custom post-type, which will be the route.

Route have points. Each point store multiple data: name, content, GPS-coordinates, author, etc.

So I need to create a repeatable area called point and there I'll insert all the data I need (amount of points is dynamic so this area need to be repeatable).

I've done that with help from this question: Create more Meta Boxes as needed

It works fine, but there's a problem because the content-field needs to be the TinyMCE-editor and for now I'm stuck on the part where i add a repeatable area through jQuery, because I can't add TinyMCE to it in a easy way.

Is this a good plan or should I try another solution?

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If Points have such a complex structure then shouldn't you think of it as another custom post type, and associate them to a Route (or to several Routes)? that way you could have a Point in different Routes, which could be a reasonable expectation.

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Thats a good idea. I will reconsider changing to this becouse atm i used WPAlchemy class to setup repeatable fields including WYSIWYG editor. – Charles Kłyciński Oct 29 '12 at 11:51

That could be easily achieved with Advanced Custom Fields attached to a simple custom post type of yours using the Repeater field which can contain infinite sets of field of any type. ( WYSIWYG included. )

I can understand how a solution using default meta-boxes would be more desired but Advanced Custom Fields provides a great/simple UI for the back-end and unlimited possibilities for the front-end.

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