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My Wordpress site is having a bad URL structure when I'm adding new URL.

For example in comments, when commentators fill in their website, it always has this structure http://mysite.com/www.commentorsite.com/.
The same thing happens in my side bar widget. When I add new text widget and put something like this <a href="facebook.com/mypage" title="Find Us On Facebook"><span class="social">Find Us on Facebook</span></a>, the result showing this instead http://mysite.com/facebook.com/mypage.

Could anyone help me solve this please!

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You need to start your links with http://


  1. The link facebook.com/mypage becomes http://facebook.com/mypage

  2. The link www.commentorsite.com/ becomes http://www.commentorsite.com/

This will stop the links becoming http://mysite.com/www.commentorsite.com/ or http://mysite.com/facebook.com/mypage

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Great! It's working. Thanks you very much +1! – Sok Vanrithy Oct 28 '12 at 1:05

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