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I have a custom loop to show posts that meet a certain set of $args like this:

<?php $recent = new WP_Query( $orderargs );     
        while($recent->have_posts()) : $recent->the_post();?>

This works great when the $orderargs bring up posts, but in some situations, there will be no posts, and I want to show some default content then.

So what do I add to this / how do I restructure this so that if the query has no posts, display default content instead.

Thank you, Ian

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You do that the same way like with regular posts:

if ( $recent->have_posts() )
        // print posts
    print 'no posts found';
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Thanks toscho, That worked! – IanB Oct 27 '12 at 14:04

Just you use the regular loop.

<?php $recent = new WP_Query( $orderargs ); while($recent->have_posts()) : $recent->the_post();?>

type your code here.

<?php endwhile; else: ?>

Put your default content here.

<?php endif; ?>
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