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I've got a Wordpress multi-site install with three (related) sites, and it works great. Previously, each site had its own totally unique domain name which I was managing with the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin. So, something like:


Now, I need to have all three sites running on the same domain, however, I have a strange permalink structure that needs to be implemented. Namely, two of the sites will be on the same subdomain (using a language code in the path to distinguish them), while the third will be on its own subdomain:

ca.site.com/en/    (previously site.com)
ca.site.com/fr/    (previously anothersite.org)
us.site.com/en/    (previously random.net)

I have access to the httpd.conf file, and have been trying to setup up RewriteRules... but I can't get it working, and I'm not especially sure if this is even the correct direction. If someone could just point me in the right direction that would be amazing, thanks

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As far as I know subdomains and sub-directories are mutually exclusive settings. – toscho Oct 25 '12 at 6:28

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