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May be the question in title is not explaining what exactly I want. So I will explain one logic and then ask what problem I am getting from that.

We are using wordpress. We have 2 categories Option1(Having 64 different values) and Option2(Having 8 different values). We wanted url like ourdomain/Option1/Option2 depending on users location. And data on that url will be specific according to that Option1 and Option2. We dont wanted all this 64*8 actual wordpress pages to be created.

So after searching much on net we had one solution that I implemented one plugin for routing.

IN that code snippet was as follow.

function site_router() {

global $route,$wp_query,$window_title;
if ( $wp_query->is_404 ) 
        $wp_query->is_404 = false;
                /* According to condition  I had written diffent cases like below.
        default :
            include(get_template_directory() . "/home.php" ); 
            $template =locate_template('pagepath/home.php');
                        $window_title = 'dynamically it will come';
                        if ($template) {


add_action( 'wp', 'site_router');

So by this my purpose was fulfilled successfully.

But now problem is that google is saying they are getting back a 404 error. I think obviosly it will give as after it gives the error we are doing all template loading and all stuff.

So Can any body guide me how can I do this before that 404 response is given to google.

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To question is_* conditionals inside $wp_query, just use the objects method, not the resulting property: $wp_query->is_404() instead of $wp_query->is_404. – kaiser Oct 24 '12 at 20:18
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WordPress has a function to send a different status header:

status_header( 200 );

If you send that after WordPress has send its headers and before you print anything you will get a status header 200.

You could also filter 'status_header' and change the value there. See wp-includes/functions.php for details.

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Thank You So much. Your answer Helped me out! – Dena Oct 24 '12 at 17:01

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