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It's always been a pain in the @$$ to see only 20 item in category. If i have 30, it paged on 2 pages, i hate that. If WordPress had a preference for that. So the question, Hot to list ALL the category, whatever the number... if i have 200, list them all, no paging. I inspect edit-tags.php and could not find "show_item=20" of something like that

The question, how to make edit-tags.php show 9999 item (or unlimited) of have a plugin to customize that without hacking the WP core file.

I think the magic is happening here, but changing 20 to 999 dont change anything

        'label' => $title, 
        'default' => 20, 
        'option' => 'edit_' . $tax->name . '_per_page'

It's for product attribute in woocommerce.

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It is absolutely not user friendly, but i have found it - after coding and reading 10-15 pages of plugin code that does exactly that.

It is options in Screen Options slide-down menu (at the top of every screen).

Keep that for future reference!

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May I ask you rephrase your answer? It is really hard to read. – toscho Oct 24 '12 at 20:01
sorry i am french, and this is my "best" shot !... sorry ! – menardmam Dec 4 '12 at 17:16

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