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My question is actually quite simple, but I think there are a number of answers to choose from:

If one were to use WordPress, what would be the most elegant way of creating a part of the website that has "People Profiles", whereby; they can update their own mini-blog, add images, assign them a multitude of taxonomies, etc. (basically having a very light version of Facebook functionality plus some e-commerce products specific to the person). Scalability would obviously be key too, would need to work for 10, 100, 1000+ profiles.

I think my first instinct would be to try and go with BuddyPress as a support application from which these profiles would originate, but there are possibly other solutions?

What do you think?

Thank you!

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You can accomplish that with:

  • a regular instal of WordPress but with a lot of work and hacking around to get it where you want.
  • a multisite install of WordPress that would make it a bit easier but still a lot of work and customization.
  • a fairly easy case with BuddyPress.

    Basically it just installing BuddyPress ,some plugins and configuring it a bit not only the profiles but also the mini-blogs,multitude of taxonomies,images and e-commerce products specific to the person. its just for that.

So I'd say your best of with BuddyPress, and why not?

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Yes, try BuddyPress. BuddyPress allows extended profiles, plus your members can write their own blogs.

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