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i've been organizing my sites template files into a sub directory, which is now possible with wordpress 3.4. but when i move a custom post-type single file (ie. single-news.php) into the sub directory, it is not recognized. anybody have any experience with this new feature?

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Yeah only the page templates are recognized & not the archive,single etc. templates. Your single file has to remain in the root folder.

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The solution shared in this answer on StackOverflow works for me:


function get_book_post_type_template($single_template) {
    global $post;

    if ($post->post_type == 'books') {
        $single_template = dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/themefiles/single-books.php';
    return $single_template;

add_filter( "single_template", "get_book_post_type_template" ) ;
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