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I use the add_menu_page function to add an new admin menu:


How to use one of WordPress' existing icons?

For instance, if I would like to use the "Posts" WordPress icon, by what must I replace 'wordpress_existing_icon' in the code above ?

I tried 'edit' and 'edit-posts' but it doesn't work.

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Short answer is that you can't. Not only using add_menu_page like that. Those icons WordPress uses are added as background images via CSS, not using the icon_url method that is provided with add_menu_page. – Otto Oct 20 '12 at 21:15
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add_menu_page(); as far as I can tell does not work with screen_icon or the default CSS parameters. The $icon paramater only takes 2 options, an url or div (well 3 if you leave it empty), so that leaves you with these options:

  1. Hard-code the link to the icons which are located in wp-includes/images/wpicons.png. This is an image slice of all the icons.

  2. Just cut out the icon you want in a photo editor and include it as a stand-alone image in your plugin folder like the codex example.

  3. Use the div parameter and define it via CSS. For example;


               'custom menu title', 
               'custom menu', 
               'div', //this part

To elaborate on the previous answer when using screen_icon('edit'); here is the list:

  • edit
  • upload
  • link-manager
  • edit-pages
  • edit-comments
  • themes
  • plugins
  • users
  • tools
  • options-general

You can also contain them in a div like :

<div id="icon-edit" class="icon32"></div>

Style reference: http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Wycks/Styling_Option_Pages:

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When you call the screen_icon function, put the page id from which you want to get the icon. For instance, if you want posts icon, use either screen_icon('edit'); or screen_icon('post');

About here, you can leave it to false or null or maybe put "div" here. I read somewhere in the codex that "div" should be used whenever there's supposed to be some custom CSS

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Sorry but there are problably something I don't understand. I can't use screen_icon('edit') function in my add_menu_page() function ? I want the small "Posts" icon before the label of my 'Custom_menu' – Gilles Vauvarin Oct 20 '12 at 20:31
not in this function, i meant in the function which outputs the html for the page – Mridul Aggarwal Oct 20 '12 at 21:06

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