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How can I add a reset button when using the Settings API?

I've have something like this that's storing my defaults:

$slider_options = get_option( 'nextslider_options' );

 /* Define the array of defaults */ 
$defaults = array(
    'width'             => 0,
    'height'            => 0,
    'effect'            => 'fade',
    'bullets'           => 0,
    'arrows'            => 0,
    'slidelength'       => 4000,
    'animationlength'   => 600

$slider_options = wp_parse_args( $slider_options, $defaults );

As a boilerplate I've used the Settings Sandbox.

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What exactly is your problem? Checking for the key of the reset button and deleting the option? – toscho Oct 15 '12 at 7:37
Basically I want to add a 'Reset Options' button that will reset the options to their defaults, and I honestly have no idea how to do so. – bryceadams Oct 15 '12 at 7:39

Add a new settings section for the reset button that is called on every tab. In the callback function for the field create the reset button. I would include the submit button here too to get both side by side.

In the validation function delete the whole option if the reset button is present in the request.

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