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I am currently running my site via http on a url like domain.com. In order to continue to make use of CloudFlare's free tier of service, I want to put my admin on a subdomain like secure.domain.com and access it over SSL (I would set up secure.domain.com to bypass CloudFlare).

Having just recovered from a scary episode of losing all of my blog's Jetpack email subscribers as a result of testing this scheme on a test server with a totally different domain name, I am a little nervous about what the effect will be of changing the URL of access to the admin.

Does anyone have experience in doing this kind of thing and/or can anyone explain how Jetpack associates email subscribers with a given blog URL and what to expect when changing the URL for the admin to a subdomain?

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I would suggest contacting the Jetpack support team. – shea Nov 2 '12 at 21:50