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I need to have content appear when I scroll over certain words or groups of words. Eg. If I scroll over the word pastor. I should see a definition of Pastor appear next to the word.I would like to write in the definition myself.

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What have you tried already, and how is that related to the plugin Contact form 7? – toscho Oct 9 '12 at 19:22
Like toscho said how is this related to contact form 7? Could you please provide us with more information and what you have already tried. – Nicole Oct 9 '12 at 19:26

In the past I've used a plugin called Tippy for ToolTips that brings up a box with your words when you mouseover. That said, if you search the plugins directory on the WordPress Codex for "tooltips" you'll find oodles of choices. Having just done so, I think WordPress Tooltips might be a good option for your needs. Good luck with the site.

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