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I created a page and I set the template as showcase and then I went to setting->reading and as a static page I choose my created page.

I'm wondering how I can add slideshows with pictures and sticky posts. I went to documentation in the link but unfortunately I couldn't find anything.

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Welcome ... this forum is more suited for WordPress selfhosted not WordPress.com sites.

However ... reading the WordPress.com theme documents it says

The Showcase page template offers a featured slider for sticky posts. If you’d like a post to appear in the slider, mark it as sticky and assign it a featured image that’s at least 500 pixels wide.

enter image description here

So please Add a new post and mark it as sticky and add an image. If you're still stuck, try the WordPress.com forums.

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Thank You So Much. – Nickool Oct 8 '12 at 9:27

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