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$blogusers = get_users('include=5,6,2,7,12,8');
foreach ($blogusers as $user) {

Right now these users will sort by first name. How do I sort this the order the numbers are in "include=..."? i.e. user 5 first, user 6 second, user 2 third etc.

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Wordpress returns an array of objects.
Have you tried using 'orderby' as an extra paramiter? eg

$blogusers = get_users('include=5,6,2,7,12,8&orderby=id');
foreach ($blogusers as $user) {
    //This will loop in the order of id 2,5,6,7,12  

Now you know what id's are in what order, you can use some php array sorting functions http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.uasort.php
Also some more at

Its not a total solution but should put you well on your way.

hope it helps!

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