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I am looking for a way to test if a post is a custom post type. For example, in say the sidebar I can put code like this:

 if ( is_single() ) {
     // code here

I want code testing for only a custom post type. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Here you are: get_post_type() and then if ( 'book' == get_post_type() ) ... as per Conditional Tags > A Post Type in Codex.

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if ( is_singular( 'book' ) ) {
    // conditional content/code

The above is true when viewing a post of the custom post type: book.

if ( is_singular( array( 'newspaper', 'book' ) ) ) {
    //  conditional content/code

The above is true when viewing a post of the custom post types: newspaper or book.

These and more conditional tags can be viewed here.

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For anyone else looking for this, add this to your functions.php and you can have the functionality, inside or outside of the loop:

function is_post_type($type){
    global $wp_query;
    if($type == get_post_type($wp_query->post->ID)) return true;
    return false;

so you can now use the following:

if (is_single() && is_post_type('post_type')){
  //work magic
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Thank you, this is very useful! But it should be: if (is_single() && is_post_type('post_type')){ //work magic } The closing bracket was missing.... Many greetings, Ethel – user10462 Nov 21 '11 at 14:23
Great solution, now that can also be easily used for post type archive pages. +1 – stemie Oct 6 '14 at 9:50

To test if a post is any custom post type, fetch the list of all not built-in post types and test if the post’s type is in that list.

As a function:

 * Check if a post is a custom post type.
 * @param  mixed $post Post object or ID
 * @return boolean
function is_custom_post_type( $post = NULL )
    $all_custom_post_types = get_post_types( array ( '_builtin' => FALSE ) );

    // there are no custom post types
    if ( empty ( $all_custom_post_types ) )
        return FALSE;

    $custom_types      = array_keys( $all_custom_post_types );
    $current_post_type = get_post_type( $post );

    // could not detect current type
    if ( ! $current_post_type )
        return FALSE;

    return in_array( $current_post_type, $custom_types );


if ( is_custom_post_type() )
    print 'This is a custom post type!';
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If for any reason you already have access to the global variable $post, you can simply use

if ($post->post_type == "your desired post type") {
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If you want a wild card check for all your custom post types:

if( ! is_singular( array('page', 'attachment', 'post') ) ){
    // echo 'Imma custom post type!';

This way you don't need to know the name of your custom post. Also the code still work even if you change the name of your custom post later.

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