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I have a custom taxonomy "Portfolio Categories", and a few these categories say "Cloth", "Shoes", ...

When open some category page, i want the title to be like 'Site Name | Cloth', but with wp_title(), it becomes 'Site Name | Portfolio Categories | Cloth'

How do i remove the "Portfolio Categories" from the title?

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Hi @Edward:

This is not a generic solution but will probably solve your needs. If you want to get rid of the '| Portfolio Categories' from your site's title just hook the 'wp_title' filter in your theme's functions.php file and remove that from the title string. Copy this code to the bottom of that file and modify as need be:

function your_wp_title($title) {
  $title = str_replace('| Portfolio Categories','',$title);
  return $title;
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Pretty simple and straightforward, thanks – Edward Jan 12 '11 at 3:53
@Edward - Yes, sometimes what we need is simple, which is nice. :) – MikeSchinkel Jan 12 '11 at 18:45
@MikeSchinkel - I posted a similar question here, looking for the generic solution: wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/29020/… – supertrue Sep 20 '11 at 18:21

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