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When I reply to a comment in the WP backend in the "Comments" section (edit-comments.php) I can only post the reply as the logged in user. Is it possible to select a certain user like in the "Add new post" section (post-new.php) where I have a dropdown with all users that are allowed to write posts?

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Yes, add an user-select field in the comment form:

add_action('comment_form_after_fields', function(){

  // allow only users who can moderate comments to do this

  $user = wp_get_current_user();

    'name'     => 'alt_comment_user',
    'selected' => $user->ID,


When the form gets processed, check if an user has been selected and change the comment data before it gets inserted in the database:

add_filter('preprocess_comment', function($input){

  if(current_user_can('moderate_comments') && isset($_POST['alt_comment_user'])){    

    $user = get_user_by('id', (int)$_POST['alt_comment_user']);

    $my_fields = array(
      'comment_author'       => empty($user->display_name) ? $user->user_login : $user->display_name,
      'comment_author_email' => $user->user_email,
      'comment_author_url'   => $user->user_url,
      'user_ID'              => $user->ID,

    // escape for db input
    foreach($my_fields as &$field)
      $field = $GLOBALS['wpdb']->escape($field);

    $input = $my_fields + $input;   

  return $input;

ref: wp_dropdown_users

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Thank you very much, this works for me! Is it also possible to include this function to the WP backend in the comments section when I reply to a comment? Example – user1706680 Oct 4 '12 at 14:10

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