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How can I loop the product images as a list?

Apparently, Woocommerce has two php files for this. One is for the featured product, and one is for the product thumbnails (product-image.php & product-thumbnails.php).
I'd like to put them on a single php file and loop the product images and make them appear in a li tag.

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Are you developing a plugin? Just saw, that you filed it under plugin-development, but the question sounds like customizing a theme. – kaiser Oct 4 '12 at 8:35

You're completely on the right track - have you had a look at those files? All the info is in there.

The images are wrapped in a <div> within product-image.php which you would change to a <ul>. Then wrap the featured image in a <li>. Then you would just wrap the thumbs within an <li> in product-thumbnails.php and that would be finito.

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