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I have a nice plugin that is called Select WP-Table Reloaded and that works well, except the contents don't show up in a useful manner.

The page the table is embedded shows up in a search, but not the specific term.
Is there any way to remedy this?
This is the page the table is embedded in: http://henschelhausbooks.com/authorsbooks/

If you were to search for an author, like "Baake", only the page with the short blurb would show up.

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Suggested here by JLeuse. It seems the contents within WP Table Reloaded is indeed separated from the post, which means the default Wordpress search function won't be able to fetch it...

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yeah, I figured. Was just hoping someone had a slick plugin that could search within site content AND the WP Table. On the whole, I like WP Tables too much to switch to another plugin. – ERM Oct 2 '12 at 18:44

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