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The default category for the page News is news.

But I want the page news to show all posts.

Not just news posts.

All posts, includes news posts and engineering posts.

When you hit the main site is, it does indeed do this, as you can verify.

But when you go to News it it only shows the news category.

How do I fix so that it show both?

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I'm not sure you are understanding what a 'category page' is doing; for example your news page:

this is pulling out all post with the categoy 'news' which has cat id equal to 1.

depending on your needs there are two possible things you can do.

1 - if you simply want all posts with N categories displayed without any other customisations, you need to create a menu entry link which calls both of your categories i.e. which you can test in the browser:,7

2 - if you want something more complicated you will need to create a specific page and modify the loop; these might give you an idea: multiple categories multiple cat with selection control

hope it helps


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