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By duplicate, I don't me copy the code from a (core) widget and change it a bit. That's pretty easy.

I want the push button ability to grab all the settings from a given widget, copy them, stick them into a new widget of the same type, and send that new widget to the same or a new widget area.

Or, better yet: have a widget in another widget area share settings with an already existing widget -- when the parent changes, the other changes.

Are either of those possible? How?

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I had the same Problem with one of my Clients, and found this GREAT soluiton: Duplicate Widget.

It comes as a new Widget, but has just one option: choose which Widget it should duplicate, and you also see from where it is duplicated (for easy overview where to change the values of the original Widget). Works like a charm, and you have to do every change you make only once for every sidebar.

I suppose this would be your better yet solution :)

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