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I'm building a site and for some reason all the parent pages are 404ing, only sub-level pages are displaying with pretty permalinks. If I use default permalinks, everything works fine.

I've tried disabling all the plugins & deleting htaccess and having Wordpress recreate the file, nothing works.

Any ideas?

Here's the site: http://www.855gotclog.com

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Looks like you've sorted the site out. I had the same problem recently working on a Wordpress site someone else developed.

The issue was they had registered custom post types and taxonomies with Wordpress reserved slugs, like year and term for example. Also avoid registering custom post types and taxonomies that conflict with page or post slugs.

For example: creating a page named Portfolio and registering a custom post type portfolio.

register_post_type('portfolio', $args );

This will cause unexpected problems.

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