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Can someone suggest tutorials on how to properly set up a wordpress multisite installation that I can access from both the LAN and WAN side? I've been looking for a bit and am unable to find what i'm looking for.
I'm using an Ubuntu server (on VirtualBox) behind my router. I have my domain name setup to forward to my router and it is port forwarding properly. But, what I really want to do is have my site (locally hosted) be accessible from the LAN as well as the WAN. Right now it's one or the other based on how I play with the dashboard>options panel... I don't mind reinstalling if it means having a proper setup.

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Please provide more details and what settings in WP affect this. In current form this looks more like network configuration issue than WordPress one. – Rarst Sep 28 '12 at 18:55

For LAN access add the following to the /etc/hosts file: (ip of WordPress server) domain.com


localhost domain.com

if the server is on the same machine

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