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I am trying to make an import of posts from my old blog installation.

It works fine for posts content but fails for featured images.

I've done: tools -> export -> posts -> selected a category.

In the xml i can see the fields of the featured images with the old path...but in the back-end i can't see any featured image uploaded...

Is there something i am missing?

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Please search inside migration. The question has been answered multiple times. – kaiser Sep 24 '12 at 13:08

Try to export featured images on its own with the Export featured images plugin

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If you export a single post type (i.e. posts, pages, a custom post type, etc...) it will not include attached media files like featured images. That's incredibly idiotic, to me, but your options are --

  • Export everything from site (which will include featured images), then modify the XML file as needed before importing to the new site
  • Use a plugin
  • Suggest and provide feedback
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On my host this plugin doesn't work, so I write a simple script to update links to images and import metadata.

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Hello @BArS - Welcome to the WordPress Development community! Your answer consists primarily of a link, which is generally considered a bad practice as in and of themselves, links don't answer questions and often break down the line. Sharing the script as a part of the answer would improve it dramatically. Please review "How to Answer" in our help center for more suggestions for writing high-quality answers. – bosco Feb 2 at 23:20
Thank you @bosco I will improve my answer – BArS Feb 3 at 14:00

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