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I recently unzipped a folder into my themes directory. However unlike other themes this one was not contained in a top-level folder. So it just dumped about 50 files directly into the themes folder.

Is there a way I can effectively reset the themes folder so I don't have all these excess files?

Otherwise I'm considering a fresh install.

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Sort by file date delete the newest? Why do you think this is a WordPress question? – toscho Sep 23 '12 at 19:56
my files sort by mod date...there is group of Tnew and a group of Tnew+2 minutes...not sure if they are related....thought WP might have a reset button for this...a way to go back to just the default theme. – user14432 Sep 23 '12 at 20:01
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Short answer: No, WordPress does not manage your theme directory, and there is no reset function.

There are two important points you should learn from that experience:

  1. Always test new software (themes and plugins) in a local installation. Do not just upload something you have not tested before.

  2. You could manage the directory or your whole installation with a version control software like Git or Mercurial. This way, you could reset the directory content to an earlier state, it would take just one command in a terminal. And some time to learn these tools, of course.

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