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i create a new post-type called servizi. I customize the permalink for this structure: /%post_id%/%postname%/ But there are a different width post link . For example the post link is www.mysite.it/site-wp/25/postname/ and the servizi's link is www.mysite.it/site-wp/servizi/postname/. I dont't understand what is the trouble .

In details page how can take the post_id variable? I use $_GET or i customize my function.php with special function?

Someone can i help me please?

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Is the reason you are adding the post_id to the URL because you are you trying to access the post_id variable in the template? You can do so much more easily by accessing it in the Loop of your template file

if ( have_posts() ) : 
    while ( have_posts() ) : 
        // Two ways to get the Post ID //
        echo $post -> ID; 
        echo get_the_ID();
    endwhile; ?>
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