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Hi everyone I am creating a theme in which I have to created a sponsor upload image gallery on the admin panel in theme option page and its slide show on the front panel for this I follow tutorial to http://www.webtutes.com created a theme option page on which a wordpress media upload button is there to upload the images and a text box to save the name of the image and the jquery code behind its functionality is as follow

jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $('#upload_logo_button').click(function() { tb_show('Upload a logo', 'media-upload.php?referer=wptuts-settings&type=image&TB_iframe=true&post_id=0', false); return false; });

but it only upload a single image by saving its value in one single option so the question is there a way to create a gallery in media upload box and save the gallery name in one single option and I have only seen the gallery option in media box with pages/post

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Take a look at this search query or this, maybe that's what you're looking for (?)... – brasofilo Nov 10 '12 at 0:57

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