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I'm looking to hire someone for ongoing work. Where should I be looking? I posted on Craigslist, oDesk, and Freelancer. I'm also going to check out CodePoet.com and jobs.wordpress.net.

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Another good WP freelance site is WPQuestions.

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Elance is a great option.

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I've had good luck with using Freelancer.com. Elance although probably better I find is overly complicated for a freelancing website.

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I've found a lot of good help at http://rentacoder.com

It's free and a little less controlled than other networks, but I find it easier to find the kind of guys I'm looking for there, personally. Elance is a lot of hassle.

I also like odesk and 99designs (if you happen to be looking for theme design/implementation)

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There is also http://jobs.wordpress.net/

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