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I have converted a site over to wordpress recently. I was able to import all the posts via a CSV importer, but not the images associated with each post. The post type is "machinery". The custom field with the post's previous ID on the old system of each post is called "machinery_legacy_idLocation". I have an additional table called "legacy_images".

"legacy_images" has 2 columns "ListingID" and "imageurl".

"ListingID" in the "legacy_images" table matches a post with the same "machinery_legacy_idLocation".

Now the "imageurl" matches the title of a corresponding image that I have already added to the media library in Wordpress.

Basically I just need to figure out a way to reattach all these images to all these posts after the move.

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This question is really "too localized" as you asking for a custom importer fitting your special needs. – kaiser Oct 5 '12 at 11:10
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wp_insert_attachment will insert an attachment post for a given parent post ID and filename. You can write a little script to query for all your posts with the legacy key, get their associated image paths, and call wp_insert_attachment for each.

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