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register plus no longer works with WP 3.0 and has been replaced by register plus redux. I haven't found anything about upgrading to that plugin and keeping all the data, does anybody have any experience with that?

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Chances are not so good when asking question highly specific to plugins. Is this still relevant? If you had migrate (un)successfully since asking this question - please add your solution/experience as an answer. – Rarst Feb 8 '11 at 11:51
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I didn't get an answer here, but I did migrate my site to regi-plus-redux. I did have to recreate all of the custom fields, assuming the custom fields were recreated w/ the exact same name and options they did show up for the users after the migration.

It wasn't a difficult migration, and anyone using regi-plus who wants to upgrade to 2.7+ will need to make the migration, don't worry it won't cause you problems.

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