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The WordPress Codex states the the Post Type Names and Taxonomy Names have a limit to the slug name.

  • Register Post Type -- max. 20 characters, can not contain capital letters or spaces
  • Register Taxonomy -- The name of the taxonomy. Name should be in slug form (must not contain capital letters or spaces) and not more than 32 characters long (database structure restriction).

However, the WordPress Codex doesn't state whether or not Post Meta or Terms have a limit to the slug name.

Can this be confirmed? Is there no slug name limit for Post meta or Terms?

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The meta_key field for the wp_postmeta table is set as varchar type entries with a length of 255 characters. Seems pretty lengthy. It's meta_value partner parameter is set as longtext type.

As for the term length, both name and slug are set as varchar with a length of 200 characters each in the wp_terms table.

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