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I am trying to display code in my WordPress page and it isn't working. Everything I read says that you should be able to just use pre tag with code tag and it would be good but when I try to display a shortcode, it renders the shortcode rather than displaying the code.

The codex says that using pre and code would work but it isn't for me. Has anyone had this issue? Am I missing something in functions.php that makes this work?

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To display a shortcode instead of rendering it you have two options:

  1. Write [[shortcode]]. WordPress will show this as [shortcode].
  2. Escape the [, write it as as [ or [.
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Worked for me: [shortcode] where &#91 is [ and ] is ] html codes.

Don't worked for me the one suggested by toscho: Write [[shortcode]]. WordPress will show this as [shortcode].

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Using &#91 tag will not work if you switch between the text and visual editor.

The [[shortcode]] solution does not work either with WP 4.1.1.

Instead, the following solution works:

Hello World
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