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I want to be able to select a subscriber an author of a post in the admin so it displays their name as having written the post, but I do not want to give them any additional privileges (if they login the only thing they can access is their profile).

I saw a solution up here, but when I used that hack, it left other users off of the author drop-down (e.g., contributor, etc.). In addition, I'm going to end up having 100s of contributors I want to include as subscribers/authors, but I imagine that would destroy the dropdown or make it very difficult. Any suggestions would be so welcome and thank you very much! :)

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Check out the Posts 2 Posts plugin...it may be able to handle easily associating certain posts with certain users regardless of user-role capablities. It is especially useful if you have some sort of multiple author setup.


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Thank you so much, Douglas. I will check it out. I truly appreciate it!! :) – Mary Sep 12 '12 at 19:29

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