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I've made a custom login template where you can login or request a link that sends you to the reset password form. What I need to do is make that unique link redirect to a custom reset password template (not wordpress's default). So this is kind of a two part question on how first to send a link to a custom template and how to show a custom reset password template (not the "forgot password form). Any ideas?

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I believe the Theme My Login plugin does this. You may want to dig into the source and figure out how they do it.

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Best reset password custom template we could find and you learn some things too! http://www.tutorialstag.com/wordpress-custom-password-reset-page-template.html/comment-page-1#comment-47026

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Links general aren't considered good answers. You should edit your answer to include an explanation of the information on the other end of the link. – chrisguitarguy Nov 21 '12 at 23:11
Well, I think one should not mind links while on the web. :) They are fine as long as they point to the right content, I believe. – JeyKeu Nov 28 '13 at 8:03

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