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This question was posted at onstartups - one that I frequently hear.

Figure that I would ask the experts over here - can one maintain a hosted blog yet make it a subdirectory under their domain?

From: to

IF so, what step(s) / .htaccess changes are necessary to make it happen?

{Edit to clarify some points}

  1. user currently has a blog ( )
  2. user currently has a domain / site (
  3. user likes hosting and doesn't want to install a local version of wordpress on

User is willing to pay for custom url, but doesn't want - (s)he wants blog to be a directory

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I've come across this request before as well (through not specificaly for hosted sites)--I typically tell clients that it's not advisable as it adds a layer of server complexity.

But it is possible--in general--to provide content in a subdir from a separate server. Basically, you install mod_proxy on Apache and set up a "reverse proxy"--all requests come to the proxy, and it decides which server to send the request to based on a set of rules you configure. But it's not a redirect...the response comes through the proxy. I've never done it (it requires way more server admin skills than I posses), but if you're adventurous, knock yourself out.

HOWEVER, with a blog, I don't think you're able to change the domain for your blog to a separate domain with a subdir. So once you hit the blog's homepage, any subsequent clicks would take you to the domain. Which seems not worth the hassle of setting it all up.

Probably the simplest option is to use a subdomain rather than a subdir.

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So you are currently setup using, Then you want to change to wordpress and use their hosting and be setup on ?

They dont have that option by default for the premium DNS feature. You would need to email support to see if they have that option. Its definetly not listed on their features section:

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current setup is - updated question. – jimg Jan 5 '11 at 20:54

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