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I have the selected option saved correctly, but when load the page, wp_dropdown_categories still load the list by its order. I prefer to load the selected item on top. How to do this?

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if the currently selected item has some type of identifier on it (maybe class="current") you may be able to use some jquery to grab it's value, hide it, then move it to the top.

<div class="topdiv">
this is top div

<li class="current">2</li>

(function() { var top = $('.current').html(); $('.current').hide(); $('.topdiv').text(top); })();

this worked in testing

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Thanks for the code! I've figured out that wp cat dropdown is not convinient. I will code the select box myself. But I will apply your code on other places that need move. – Jenny Aug 29 '12 at 0:22

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