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I've just set up a new WordPress blog, and as a developer I want to post some source code as well. Now I found the suitable plug-ins I need, and also a sleek theme, or so I thought.

The problem is the width, it's just way too small. Even if I pick the option this theme has to only use a single column, it's still not wide enough.

I guess my choices as a programmer wanting a theme to display my code correctly will be rather shallow, but there must be something I can do?

Here's the first post I made on this blog: http://www.froginvasion.be/blog/?p=11

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It will be good if you can pick up a theme that is wide enough for your requirements. Probably a theme based on 1140 grid system will work good for you. That said, if you still want to use your existing theme then you can edit theme's style.css , on line 76 you can delete max-width:1000px After this the page will occupy the entire available space .

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