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Hi I need to display posts in a category on my page template. How can I do this? Thanks

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see this: wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/3667/19691 – atmon3r Aug 26 '12 at 9:41


Just take a look at the WordPress Template Hierarchy.


You'll find out that WordPress has three different types of templates, that you can use:

A) For built in taxonomies: Category & Tag

B) For custom taxonomies.

The template engine will search for such templates when you request a category/tag/custom taxonomy archive page.

  • taxonomy-{$taxonomy_slug}-{$term}.php
    • » taxonomy-{$taxonomy_slug}.php
    • » taxonomy.php
  • category-{$slug}.php
    • » category-{$id}.php
    • » category.php
  • tag-{$slug}.php
    • » tag-{$id}.php
    • » tag.php


Template Hierarchy by Chip Bennet

The excellent diagramm by our man Chip Bennet.

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I'm reading this to say you want to add a list of category posts on a page view, not a single post view. That being the case I would first suggest looking at one of what I imagine are numerous plugins that can provide this functionality.

An example plugin would be BNS Featured Category* which provides a shortcode that should accomplish what you are looking to do.

Link: BNS Featured Category on WordPress Extend

*NB: Full disclosure, I wrote BNS Featured Category.

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Try using child theme. Create a custom template and try the following code.

  Template Name: template name
<?php get_header();
        $recent = new WP_Query("category_name="categoryname"&posts_per_page=5"); 

        <?php the_content(); 


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