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I have my website setup with Wordpress in its own folder. The URL website.com/wordpress is currently a 404 (which makes sense since the page doesn't exist), but I want it to redirect back to the root.

I've tried using the Redirection plugin to setup the redirect, but it is still a 404.

Any ideas?

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This is actually an .htaccess question, not a WordPress question. – Chip Bennett Aug 21 '12 at 15:56

Wait, scratch my comment above. :/

  1. Go to Admin -> Settings -> General
  2. Ensure WordPress URL remains the same (e.g. example.com/wordpress)
  3. Change Site URL to remove the subdirectory (e.g. example.com)
  4. For good measure, go to Admin -> Settings -> Permalinks to flush your rewrite rules

That should be all you need.

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