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Hope this is easy!

Need to figure out (if possible) how to input my page's SLUG into a web url as a placeholder.

For example: http://www.samplewebsite.com/search.ashx?t=current

I need to replace "current" with my page's SLUG making it dependent on the current page's SLUG

For Slugs.... test1, test2, test3, test4, test5 Output... http://www.samplewebsite.com/search.ashx?t=test1 - for each test1 "slug"

Is this possible?

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Umm .. are you sure you are using WordPress :)

A standard search url for Wordpress uses the URL parameter ?s or /search/

so you can have any URL's you like such as example.com/?s=current or example.com/search/current

Others you can try are /tag/current search for all posts with the Tags current

/category/current will search for all posts with the Category current

Does that help?

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