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I have the following page hierarchy, all of which are under a top page (TOP) with ID = 1:

  • mid1
    • gc1
    • gc2
  • mid2
    • gc3
    • gc4

I would like to make submit WP_Query query that will return random pages that are grandchildren of TOP - in this example, I want to randomly select from gc1, gc2, gc3 and gc4, but exclude mid1 and mid2. What is the best way to do this?

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My current idea is:

  1. Use get_pages to get all of the descendants of TOP and put the IDs in an array arrayAll.
  2. Then run get_pages again with parent=1 to get just the direct children of TOP. Put these in array arrayChildren.
  3. Run in php arrayGrandchildren = array_diff(arrayAll, arrayChildren) to get a list of all pages from the first array (which contains all descendants of TOP) that do not include the direct children.
  4. In WP_Query, set 'post_in=arrayGrandchildren&order=rand' to get random posts from the list of grandchildren.
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