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I´m building a WP Multisite for a client that wants a multilingual site. Before choosing WP Multisite, I bought and tried out WPML. However that plugin didn't fit for the job so I deleted it and got a refund.

However, now this seems to come back pestering me somehow. Now when using Multisite, I have been using Backupbuddy to export and duplicate my site for different testing purposes. Now some trouble has appeared, the database is friggin huge despite this being a very small page!

The SQL is a wooping 500 megs, I can't even see it in MyPhpAdmin. I got the SQL-file on my desk and when I finally got it open, its bloated everywhere with remnants of WPML tables that seems to have been duplicated with every site duplication, but never removed upon site deletion.

Has anyone encountered this? I´m no good at database editing and really unsure of how I can fix this.

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First of all i wouldn't use phpmyadmin for a database that large. Use something like Sequel Pro its free and easy to use.

Second if you dont want the tables that WPML Created and you have removed the plugin from your site you can remove the tables that it creates.

Upload the sql to a new database on your local machine and remove all this tables for each site:


I assuming your prefix is wp_(1,2,3) and so on.

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Thank's, I'll try this out. – Johan Dahl Aug 16 '12 at 16:52

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