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From what I've found online, getting an rss feed for a custom post type is as simple as:


Well I have tried it with no success as it just returns the default feed. However I can get this to work on the website just fine with


So why does it work for the html but not the rss feed? Please advise.

** EDIT **

I ended up adding this to my theme's functions.php:

function myfeed_request($qv) {
    if (isset($qv['feed']) && isset($_GET['post_type'])) {
        //$qv['post_type'] = get_post_types();
        $qv['post_type'] = explode(',', $_GET['post_type']);

    return $qv;
add_filter('request', 'myfeed_request');
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Use this to include post types to your feed:

function myfeed_request($qv) {
   if (isset($qv['feed']))
   $qv['post_type'] = get_post_types();
   return $qv;
add_filter('request', 'myfeed_request');

Just add it to your functions.php. This should help.


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I modified a line of your code and viola. See my edit. – Jacksonkr Aug 15 '12 at 18:57

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