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I'm not sure what's happening here, since this has worked in another plugin I've created. I'm simply trying to store data in the options table. Here is the code I'm using:

function on_myplugin_start () {         
register_setting('first_tab_options', 'first_tab_items');


Here is the form that gets submitted:

<form action="options.php" method="post" >
 settings_fields( 'first_tab_options' );
<input type="text" name="some_name" value="">
<input type="submit" value="Save Settings" name="submit" class="button-primary">

That's it..when I look at the source code, everything looks fine...there is all the hidden fields put in by the settings API..but when I put in a value and hit submit (and it says successfully saved, nothing is in the database field that was successfully created (first_tab_items).

I would appreciate any help on this....thanks

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...because your input (POST) name needs to match the one in your register_setting call:

register_setting( 'first_tab_options', 'first_tab_items' );
<input type="text" name="first_tab_items"...

Otherwise how the hell does WP know that some_name in POST holds your option data? ;)

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exactly. Plus, you should use a safer way to register your options. Use namespaces. A good way to learn is to use this boilerplate: themergency.com/generators/wordpress-plugin-boilerplate – pixeline Aug 11 '12 at 22:44

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