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I need to verify if the media-upload screen came from a click on the "feature image link" on the admin screen. How can i do it?

I've already change the way the uploader works , but I need to check this because there is a special flow for the featured image upload.

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There is a filter for the html of the 'postimagediv' called 'admin_post_thumbnail_html'.

There may be more elegant ways, but this works:

add_filter('admin_post_thumbnail_html', 'wpse61502_change_thumbnail_link');

function wpse61502_change_thumbnail_link($content)
    return str_replace('media-upload.php?', 'media-upload.php?is_thumbnail=true&', $content);

In your plugin / script check the querystring:

if ( isset($_GET['is_thumbnail']) )
    // do stuff, actions, enqueue, ...
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worked like a charm, ty! ps: if ( isset($_GET['is_thumbnail'] )) line needs a ending parethesis, – jonathan Aug 13 '12 at 14:15

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