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I am using WP to Twitter on my WordPress blog to trigger a tweet every time I post something. Obviously this is for Twitter only, I need something to post on Google+ too.

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stackoverflow.com/questions/9615245/… - Google plus appears not to allow this – fdsa Aug 10 '12 at 18:05
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As noted above - not currently, but you may want to keep an eye on Simple Google Connect. Otto has created other social connect plugins that are quite popular. Thanks!

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There are no APIs from google+ as yet ... It's a big feature we are all waiting for

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I don’t. The absence of automatic posts is what G+ makes better than other networks. :) – toscho Aug 11 '12 at 0:14

According to this page, the Google+ API only allows read-only access, thus making it currently impossible to post directly on Google+.

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