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I use yoast for my seo, indexing, title, sitemap etc.

But I have one issue, for my product pages I want to use costum taxonomy data and yoast doesnt support that. Now I got the code to echo the exact title I want in the product pages but how do I let it overwrite the title set by yoast, or how do I replace the title set by yoast for this specific post type?

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The WPSEO plugin by Yoast has a filter for the title: 'wpseo_title'. You'll need to add something like this:

add_filter('wpseo_title', 'filter_product_wpseo_title');
function filter_product_wpseo_title($title) {
    if(  is_singular( 'product') ) {
        $title = //your code
    return $title;
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this has saved me after days of looking. Thanks! of there a place where i can find out all of these filter fields? how did you find out wpseo_title was the field name? – Dan Hastings Jul 30 at 15:22

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