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Here is the design I have mocked up http://enormo.us/clients/ischool/

The question is, how can I create a filtering system where the main blog area acts as the central feed and it combines the result of all three filters. I would know how to do one of those rows, but im having trouble with all three together.

For instance clicking on ischool life, students, and comments; would bring up only posts that are in the category iSchool Life, written by students, and sorted by the most comments.

Any help would be appreciated, even doing this type of thing not related to WordPress that would be cool too. I know it is used in eCommerce sites all the time.

Thanks, Dave

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Best tutorial I've seen on doing this is Chris Coyier's Dynamic Archives on Digging into WordPress.


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Thanks this tutorial is exactly what I was looking for! – Dave Chenell Dec 30 '10 at 21:38

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