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I’m using Excerpts with post-thumbnails on my startsite. Adding Images is working pretty fine. But how can I embed a video from vimeo or youtube as a post-thumbnail? Just the video in a smaller size, not a screenshot. Any ideas?

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You could make a plugin which adds a meta box in admin, where you can add a link to a youtube/vimeo video. The plugin should then save the url as meta data for that article when the article is saved.

When listing the articles (or viewing a single one), check if the meta data value is set. If it is, then output the corresponding embed code instead of the post-thumbnail.

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Hi, thanks for you reply. I’ve found a plugin called Featured Video (wordpress.org/extend/plugins/featured-video). This was okay for now. And it shows the Difficulties: you need to change the embed-code of the video to resize the player for the »post-Thumbnail«. Unfortunately the plugin only supports vimeo and youtube. So, for Soundcloud I had to built another Meta-Box and did it with Advanced Custom Fields. I’ve created just a new wysiwyg-editor and put a variable into the container for the post-thumbnail. – Nitzki Aug 13 '12 at 12:28

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