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I develop wordpress theme based on a base theme. sometimes when i'm coding i want to add functions, or simply piece of code i've just added to to the theme i am working to my base theme.

in this way i can update my base theme and then update all other sites depending on it.

all my themes, even the base one is on my local computer. i was thinking about to some version control. what do you think?


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Perhaps write your custom themes as a child of the base theme, then set up a self-hosted theme update.

Whenever you make changes to your base theme, push it to your update server with whichever version control you opt for (SVN, Git etc.), and it'll become available as a "regular" update to all your sites using the theme.

Throw in a service like WPRemote or InfiniteWP (self-hosted), and syncing the update with all of your sites is as easy as hitting a button!

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